In the 1960s the Algarve became a very popular destination for tourists, mainly from Britain. It has since become a common destination for Germans, Dutch and Irish people. Many of these tourists own their own property in the region. There are Algarve-based English-written publications and newspapers specifically addressed to this community. In addition to the natural beauties and plenty of beaches, the Algarve has invested in the creation of a network of golf courses. Well-known beaches in the Algarve range from Olhos de Água to Praia da Luz. Algarve's mild climate attracts interest from Northern Europeans wishing to have a holiday home or residence on the region. Tourism plays an important role in the economy of the Algarve region. The summer months see high temperatures that attract beach-goers and sun-lovers from around the world. The Algarve has the perfect weather and climate for tourism.